Friday, 16 November 2012

MAC Perfectly Plush | Mineralize Brush Set

Hello lovlies! I finally purchased something from the MAC Holiday 2012 collection after oohing and ahhing since its release. Debenhams were offering 10% off all beauty and fragrance, so I indulged in the MAC Perfectly Plush Mineralize Brush Set - £35.50 (normally £39.50).

The set comes in a lovely leopard print box, emblazoned with a bow. I think this is a really lovely touch from MAC, and its much nicer than their normal black boxes. It contains 4 mineralize brushes and a case.

The case that comes in the set is gorgeous, oval shaped with leopard print plastic on the outside, with the peach silk showing through.

The inside of the case is fab too. One side has a pouch for your brushes, and the other has a compartment with a popper to keep it closed. Handy for storing other products!
The four brushes are mini, but fantastic. They're all soft, and include the 187SE which could be used for foundation on powder products; the 130SE which I love and could be amazing for cream contour and highlighting, the 282SE a flat brush which could be used for shadow or concealer, and the 286SE which I'll use for blending and adding colour to the crease.
I'm so pleased with this set, it is expensive, but when you think that a normal 187 brush costs £32.50 on its on, you are getting a bit of a bargain. These are my first MAC brushes and I think they're a good starter set for dipping your toes in!


  1. I didn't even know debenhams did MAC i will need to investigate this!

    Not sure if you are already aware but check this site out - for Scottish bloggers and blogger events in scotland its just new :) sign up for updates and follow on twitter @Sbloggernetwork

  2. I got the hint that my husband is going to or has already bought me the teal set with neutral makeup! I'm so excited, not only do you get great stuff, but the little bags are great too! And the prices are awesome! Enjoy your brushes!

    P.S. I'm have a 100 follower international MAC giveaway on my blog!

  3. Just got this, can't wait to try it :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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